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VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS is a ministry of Valley Christian Center of Dublin, California.  We pursue our mission as a comprehensive, college preparatory school through our Core Values:

Excellence | Seeking and achieving top performance, quality and value in every area of endeavor.

Christian Worldview | We espouse a worldview based upon the entirety of Holy Scripture, and through the lens of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Safety | Providing a safe, secure and healthy environment for the entire school community.

Character | Self-discipline, integrity, courage, and honesty. Doing the right thing even when it’s hard to do.  Responsibility for personal behavior and for resolving conflicts in a direct and respectful manner in accordance with Matthew 18.

Innovation | Constantly seeking new and better ways of achieving progress.

Critical Thinking | A reflective process of evaluating information and sources, drawing conclusions, deriving significance, comparing and contrasting, and developing positions based on supporting evidence.

Communication | Fostering an atmosphere of trust where every voice is encouraged and valued, and where information is provided in a timely, clear and consistent manner.

Connectedness |
Collaboration and integration of every part of the school community in a way that fosters harmony and understanding.  Partnering with parents in the educational, social and spiritual development of their children.

Social Responsibility | Serving the needy and seeking social justice locally, nationally and globally.

We invite you to join us on the Road to Excellence in every aspect of your child’s development. Let us partner with you to help your child move beyond success to true significance.



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