Why Choose Valley Christian Schools?

With educational rigor, community engagement, and a sincere pursuit of faith, wisdom, and service, we believe that every student can and will flourish. Therefore, we aim to give our students glimpses of a life well-lived by being in a well-developed and clearly articulated Christian liberal arts school. Here at Valley Christian, we believe that the chief end of education is not about college and career. Rather, we believe that the chief end of education is about human flourishing. We challenge and support our students to gain a great vision for life, not simply for themselves, but more importantly, for others as well.

Over their years with Valley Christian, our students gain intellectual depths, increased capacity for empathy and compassion, ability to solve complex and challenging problems, and demonstrated desire and motivation to serve others. And, most importantly, they learn to love God and love others with humility, understanding, and commitment. Because of their genuine growth and demonstrated capacity for great work, they also gain access to top universities to further their pursuit of excellence in various fields.

We invite students who aspire to live a life of great vision to join us in this educational endeavor.


TK-12th Grade