Hello Valley Christian Community! 

I’m sitting at my desk here on campus and thinking about you. I want to take a moment to connect with you about where we’ve been and where we are going as a school.

We loved having your kids on campus for a full three quarters this year. As we are all well-aware, fourth quarter we shifted to our emergency remote learning program.

I am really proud how our community has pulled together in this season. Our teachers and staff have work tirelessly to bring education into your homes. You have championed the teachers’ efforts by checking in on your kids’ zoom meetings and lessons from living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, back patios, and even in the car as you travel to retrieve essential items from the store.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic season, every home has been touched. We have not only encountered a transition to doing everything: from work to school tasks in the safety of our homes, and we have faced loneliness, loss, or anxiety. So many looming variables, and yet Valley Christian overcomes. It may very well be that what we used to know as normal has taken a drastic shift, but we remain ValleyStrong!

As a small private school we also are bound to meet the same health and safety requirements as other schools. The COVID-19 shelter-in-place has proven that we are poised to meet these criteria quickly.

Looking to a future just around the corner, I have set in motion a TaskForce of ten individuals actively designing a robust on-site fall school program for your kids. Our goals are simple, bring the learning community back to campus in a safe and responsible manner. Re-establish the bond we have as a community and prioritize student achievement at every level. Be poised to handle official mandates with a continuity of learning.

This fall our safety protocols will meet or exceed all health official guidance. As it rolls in, we are implementing every detail from hand washing to disinfecting high touch surfaces. We will follow any orders for protective devices and meet social distancing requirements, whatever they may be. We are hearing: be diligent with health checks, clean often, cover your face, and work in small consistent groups. As a small school we are committed to making our community a safe place for learning.

Our plan is to ramp up in the fall with safe, supportive opportunities for connection to continue to build on of Valley’s highest values, community. We all miss each other, and understand the importance of being together. We are building a plan involving students engaging in on-campus learning. We continue a focus on setting high expectations for students. Whether it is math concepts, science labs, history fact-finding, literature exploration, the arts, or spiritual growth in Bible classes we maintain and establish measurable benchmarks to ensure our students are learning and growing.

Even in the pandemic, the class of 2020 has achieved incredible things! Our seniors have been accepted at selective universities from Cornell to UC Irvine. Incredibly 15% of the graduating class was accepted at Cal Berkeley! With an overall 17% acceptance rate of all applicants world wide, this is a sure marker of the caliber of students Valley develops year over year. Over 1700 students call VCHS their alma mater, and we are proud again of our graduates this year who will be the well-deserving recipients of a Valley Christian High School college preparatory diploma.

We are ValleyStrong. We will be together again. We are committed to a safe learning environment, and we can meet the published guidelines to have school when we all pull together for a great fall 2020 launch. Expect to hear more details about plans each school level. Preschool families will be hearing from Amy Kerr. Elementary families can expect info from Larry Lopez, and both Linda Awwad and I will be sharing more specifics with middle and high school families.

Getting Ready!

Angela Bruggeman, EdS

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