We are Valley Christian Schools

Valley Christian Schools is a ministry of Brave Church

For a half-century Valley Christian Schools has provided a quality holistic Christian education for children in the city of Dublin and the greater Tri-Valley area. Valley Christian stands out as a community of learners, partnering with parents to ensure every child is loved and equipped for an unknown and promising future.

Our approach gives preference to Christian principles and timeless truths about the innate value of human beings, the need for compassionate responses to injustice, the call to surrendering oneself to humility and growth, and the need to be equipped emotionally, spiritually, physically and academically to answer the call to make the world a more beautiful place.

We believe the journey through life is best done in community and in deep relationships. For this reason, Valley Christian’s teachers, coaches, and staff work with intention to make each child feel known and loved.

Our mission simplified is to “develop young leaders.” We describe the type of leadership we cultivate with three words: courageous, thoughtful, and creative.

Mindful of the complexities of the world we live in, Christian schools who embrace a firm Christianly approach are uniquely situated to develop academically strong thinkers who are also well-fitted with timeless truths about faith, love, and hope.

The infusion of these young leaders as robust thinkers into the community, whether in business and industry, the arts, education, vocational service, or faith-based fields, has the potential to impact the world with compassion, innovation, and a deeper message of truth about God’s love for people. Our graduates launch with a firm grasp of a personal mission. Our graduates impact the world.

Our Team

As a faculty and staff we love, equip, and send students.

Larry Lopez

Chief School Administrator, Elementary School Principal, Middle School Principal

Don Dickinson

High School Principal

Alicia Weber

High School Assistant Principal

Kim Gawel

Middle School Assistant Principal

Mijnon Flot

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Rina Jarin

Preschool Director

Jeff Gadd

Athletic Director

RoseMary Tuuri

Counseling Team Lead

Linda Awwad

Student Care Coordinator

Katie Werner

Student Support Coordinator

Jacque Lopez

Elementary School Office Manager

Jessica Thielen

Enrollment Manager

Yesenia Dodson

Dir. of Human Resources

It is our goal to model love for our students through patience, kindness, humility, unselfishness, and perseverance, as well as hold a high bar of excellence, coach through shortcomings, and walk through failures in a supportive manner.

We see it as our duty to equip students with knowledge and wisdom in our respective areas of expertise. We must provide accurate information, quality teaching methods, appropriate assessments, and communicate progress to students and their parents. To accomplish this, we are learners and continue to hone our own skills to remain well-equipped to serve as relevant educators. 

Love. Equip. Send. This is our call.

Why Christian Education?

Christian Education is distinctive in philosophy, expectations, approach, and content.

The aspects of human development, including character, values, attitudes, health, faith, social interactions, technical skills and academic knowledge, are present in every educational institution. Christian schools provide parents an opportunity to select a particular philosophy and environment to shape their children. Christian education grows the whole person toward a life of faith.

Christian education has an enormous opportunity, even responsibility, to be a bold voice in the overall field of education. Thought leaders in Christian education focus on the pursuit of truth, beauty, and virtue as an establishment to emphasize the importance of training learners in the art of being human. Christian schools bear a faithful witness to the spiritual reality of the human condition, and this recognition is seen as integral to the growth of each person.

The Christian school sets a standard of excellence in all things. At the forefront of the expected school outcomes is a requirement of ethical integrity, academic diligence, and love for all people.

The Christian educator has the unique freedom to infuse every unit, each lesson and class session with biblical truth about God’s character and His desire for relationship with humankind. This is evident formally as scriptural principles are embedded in direct teaching. Informally, teachers are encouraged to open class time in prayer and share devotional thoughts from their own lives. The most impactful approach, however, is the select dignity given to each student as a uniquely designed individual with a deliberate purpose in God’s plan.

Curriculum, published and original, is well-researched, robust, and diverse in perspective. Christian teachers are learners. Passionate in their call to teach with integrity, evidence their expertise in pedagogy, content, and a commitment to professional development. Teachers and students grapple with complex topics, as they are cognitively ready. In-depth studies are preferred over cursory academic exploration. Knowledge acquisition is readily accompanied by application, evaluation, and synthesis into one’s daily life.

The education is Christian because of the redeeming nature of the delivery of instruction, the discussion of difficult topics through a lens of compassion, the modeling of community-mindedness, the loving way a student experiences and grows through failure.

Each family is a partner with the school; supporting every endeavor to shape their child and to invest in the community as a vibrant, God-honoring place of holistic growth spiritually, socially, and academically.