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Chapel & Spiritual Development

We believe the world needs Christian thinkers. Young people deepen their intellect and harness wisdom through a challenging and supportive, biblically based community. Therefore, God’s principles about life are infused in every subject area. In the Sciences, we discover God as designer. In Mathematics it is His character of bringing orderliness to chaos. In Literature we see how God intersects with people in the messiness of the human experience, and so on. Our extra-curricular activities including Athletics, Performing Arts, and various clubs engage students in developing godly character through adversity, teamwork, and commitment to a task. Every student, every year, is enrolled in a full time Bible course as well. These classes include a formal academic study of sections of the Christian Bible, the deity of Christ, and the need for humankind to have a relationship with a loving and living God.  Finally, our student body participates in weekly Chapel gatherings. These theme-based large group sessions incorporate music, creative arts, and thoughtful discourse on biblical topics and Christian values.

Our fun and interactive Elementary School chapels are designed to help students discover and grow in their faith, develop Godly character and learn how to apply Biblical principles to their everyday situations. In 4th and 5th grade, students are able to serve on our Elementary Chapel Worship team and lead their peers in active and meaningful times of worship each week.

In Middle and High School, each year a group of student leaders selects a theme for chapel throughout the year. This year the theme is Forge. Students in all grade levels 6-12 participate in planning each week of chapel, from the worship to the speaker. The community looks forward to this dynamic time together each week.