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Looking for the Best Private School in the East Bay?

Thank you for considering our schools for your child. An East Bay Times voter poll recently awarded us the honor of “The Best Private School in the East Bay.”

A big part of that accomplishment is because of our faculty and interdisciplinary approach to education. That approach stems from a belief that God’s creations are all connected, and truth takes on connected expressions in science, languages, history, and art.

Why Consider a Valley Christian School Education?

Be Surrounded by a Caring, Christian environment
Valley has a consistent history of building relationships between students and teachers that goes well beyond academic learning. Our foundational life-shaping culture is built through the intentional infusion of Christ-centered values, free exploration of ideas, purposeful spaces for developing rich and supportive relationships, and support from on campus Christian leaders. Students are individually known by members of a community who personally care and invest in their development.

Select from Comprehensive Academic Pathways
Valley is a fully accredited by both WASC and ASCI. Our Academic program provides students with a full set of scholarly tools enabling them to embrace life as a thinker. Our full academic strands intentionally work from an outcomes perspective. Rich and intentional course offerings in high school flow from the foundational academics set up in the earlier years. Students develop a well-rounded and intellectually sound mind, ready to engage in a 21st century world.

Enjoy Small School Relationships & Opportunities
At VCS we believe students learn best and are most willing to take the intellectual risks that lead to depth and genuine mastery when they are in a space in which they feel comfortable and in which they feel loved. Small class sizes allow for deep, lifelong relationships with both peers and faculty. Like life in a small town, life on the hill means your family develops a deep partnership with VCS as your student is surrounded by a close knit community.

Pursue a Rigorous Path of Excellence
Whether a student’s passions are for a stage, a field, or a lab, Valley offers multiple opportunities to extend and expand learning beyond the classroom. Twice annually our students perform full stage production musicals and plays. Competitive athletics offerings include field sports such as football, soccer, baseball, softball, and golf. Indoors we have thriving volleyball and basketball for men and women. We offer a full array of AP courses in the humanities, mathematics and sciences. Also, students can begin accelerated math studies in elementary school, through middle school, and in senior high school. Valley’s students attend top name universities and vocational schools. Our experts guide students in discovering pathways that are both challenging and fulfilling.

Explore Leadership Potential
Valley students are thrust into leadership from elementary school and on. Students are challenged to lead themselves through developing self-discipline and striving for excellence in whatever they do. Formally, the LEAD team in the early grades, followed by student leadership (SALT) in middle school, and the associated student body student government programs are available for those who want to lead their peers. Worship team leaders can begin in elementary school. Chapel leadership is available for middle and high school students. Students who wish to start or lead a club, work with the student activities director. On campus internships with the Athletic Director, Department Chairs, or other on campus leaders are available to upperclassmen.

Building on a Fifty Year Legacy of Excellence in Christian Education! 1968 – 2018

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