At Valley Christian Schools, we believe each child is a unique and special gift from God.

Our students ages 3-5 are encouraged to progress at their own speed toward enriched experiences, self-discipline, and the ability to make good choices. We develop the whole child through a preschool experience of lasting value, with biblical values and principles woven through.

We provide our children a safe, secure environment with loving, qualified staff members, first-class facilities and play areas, and a thoughtful balance between development and learning. We prepare your child for the adventures awaiting them in elementary school with joy, care and enthusiasm, ensuring a smooth and familiar transition right here on campus.

Valley Christian Preschool fosters an atmosphere that is warm, loving, fun, and instructional. Even at this early age, we can do much to see that our children are prepared educationally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to meet a lifetime of challenges. We develop the whole child.

Here are some important areas of focus in our Preschool program:

Early Education – Our hands-on activities with biblical, topical, and academic themes create a well-rounded learning experience for each child. Program elements are developmentally solid, age-appropriate, and taught from a Christian perspective. We encourage children to “open the door” and explore God’s amazing world as they work, play, and learn together while being guided toward a happy, wholesome development.

Service to Others – We guide young children to share and to serve. We provide several service projects during the year so that children and their families can participate together in serving others in our community and our world.

Staff Excellence – Our staff is here to train, love and care for your child. Teachers guide the children through a developmentally sound curriculum within a Christian atmosphere of love. Our teachers have fulfilled Early Childhood Education training that meets or exceeds state requirements. They are trained in infant-child CPR and first aid and have cleared background checks.