Working Together to Keep Our School Safe!


Valley Christian’s Response to COVID-19

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General Safety Practices

The Valley Christian Safety Committee and all school staff are continuing to develop comprehensive disaster and safety plans.  In the event of an emergency, our teachers and staff have been trained on the appropriate procedures to ensure the emotional and physical well being of our students.  It is our intent to protect each and every student and person on campus.  

As part of our safety program, students and staff practice various safety drills on a monthly (Lower Schools and Middle School) and quarterly (High School) basis.  Drills include lockdown, fire, earthquake, and shelter in place.  

The Safety Committee has placed various safety supplies in areas around the school.  Valley Christian Schools is prepared for all emergency situations.

Classroom Supplies

Emergency food and/or water supplies are provided in each classroom Pre School through High School. These supplies will be used in the unlikely event the students and teachers are not allowed to leave the classroom.

Classroom Backpacks

Each room has a red backpack equipped with basic first aid, a flashlight, and emergency binders with classroom rosters and proper emergency information and protocols.  

School Trauma Kits

These kits contain basic first aid plus supplies for bleeding, immobilizations and various tools to help out in different high trauma situations.

School Emergency Supply Shed

This is an on-campus emergency supply container specifically earmarked for supplies in the event of an emergency lasting more than 12 hours.  Emergency food rations, water, blankets, and other necessary supplies are contained here.